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Croata’s capital city, Zagreb, is home to history, beauty, and Balkan culture. It’s origins date back to the Romans, but Novi Zagreb, or New Zagreb flourished after World War II. It’s a city of perseverance, having survived targetted attacks throughout various wars and a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in 2020. A member of the European Union since 2013, it’s easily accessible to the European traveler, and a beautiful destination not to be missed.

Modern Zagreb is an important European hub, but it’s an essential stopover for anyone visiting Croatia. Enjoy quaint cobblestone streets in the Upper Town, or check out Donji Grab and shopping in the Lower town. A visit to the Dolac Market is a must for fresh, locally grown goods and a visit of the town center. Looking for a bird’s-eye view? Look no further than the Zagreb Eye; an observation deck with a 360-degree viewing platform over the city.

If you want to immerse yourself in Croatian culture and history, and enjoy the city as a local, join us on our Zagreb Highlights Bike Tour. We will visit the major landmarks of the city, provide you with their history, and ensure the best photo opportunities. Or, for a deeper historical dive, check out our History of Socialism Bike Tour. Learn about former Yugoslavia, Croatia’s post World War II birth, and see how this rich history has shaped Zagreb.

Zagreb, Croatia.

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Zagreb, Croatia

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