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Photo Booths in Paris

Photo Booths in Paris

Forget selfies, the best memories captured on camera are taken when squeezed into a photo booth with friends or family, and everyone pulling funny faces, right?! How about capturing your trip to the City of Lights holding a miniature Eiffel Tower, a baguette and obligatory beret, in one of Paris’ vintage photo booths? Warning: they’re not particularly easy to find (the photo booths, not the Eiffel Towers, baguettes or berets). So we’ve tracked them down for you…

One, two, three… Say “Fromage”!


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Palais de Tokyo & Maison Rouge

We love the Palais de Tokyo for its decision, back in 2007, to bring back the old-school photobooth. For 2 euros, cram as many people as you can into the booth for a quick 4-flash photo shoot, and pretend that you are the modern-day Amélie Poulain!

Palais de Tokyo
13 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris
Métro Alma-Marceau/ Iéna

If you don’t want to trek over to the 16th arrondissement, the same company, FotoAutomat, have also installed a booth right next to the Bastille, on the river. The Maison Rouge is an exhibition space for contemporary creations, so you also have to opportunity to do some art browsing after taking your snaps. Links to what’s on can be found here:

Maison Rouge
10 Boulevard la Bastille 75012 Paris
Métro Bastille/Quai de la Rapée


Bonton is one of the best kids concept stores in the whole city, and also happens to have a vintage photobooth in its store – perfect for a fun family photo. Mom, send Dad off to buy booties, and treat yourself to a relaxing coffee at the in-store bar, or even a well-deserved French manicure!

FYI: There are three Bonton boutiques in Paris, but only the one at Filles de Calvaire (between Bastille and République) has the photobooth.

5 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris
Métro Filles de Calvaire


Another vintage photobooth can be found at Citadium, an urban clothing store. Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of the place: head straight to the second floor and try not to get distracted by the clothes…

50/56 rue de Caumartin 75009 Paris
Métro Saint Lazare/Havre-Caumartin

Passport/Administrative photos

If you’re just after regular passport-sized photos (students, you’ll know how many photos they ask for during enrollment in Paris!), head to one of the main metro or train stations and you’ll usually find a Photomaton booth.

If you want more opportunities to take home photo souvenirs of Paris, come along on one of our tours!

Smile, you’re in Paris!

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