Update: New HD Videos Online

By Wolf Schroen

I’m pleased to announce that a new batch of HD videos for all our tours are completed.  You can find them on all our individual tour pages in the “Video” tab.  I think the videos give a great impression of what you can anticipate on our tours.  While it’s impossible to show every site, the 2 minute videos at least provide a flavor of the atmosphere.

The videos also feature only our crew – no actors here!  So while they may not be 100% polished, the folks you see on screen are indeed some of the ones you may be encountering when you show up for your tour.

We hope you enjoy the videos!  And we hope the videos will help convince you that our Bike and Segway Tours are the best way to explore Berlin!

Here’s a link as well to our YouTube Channel:


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A family by the eiffel tower.