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Originally constructed in 1613 by Maximilian I as an ode to Italian renaissance gardens, the Hofgarten, or garden of the royal court, was originally strictly reserved for members of the Bavarian royal family and others of the aristocracy. Luckily for us in 1780 the Elector Karl Theodore gifted the garden to the people of Munich & Bavaria and since then the Hofgarten has been open to the public. The gardens were unfortunately heavily damaged during the second world war, although their reconstruction provided opportunities for marrying the original design aesthetic into more “English garden” elements, which has given Munich a strikingly appealing park that also allows diversity in its uses. Not only is the Hofgarten a perfect place to admire European landscape architecture and horticulture, but also a wonderful place to relax during your visit to Munich

Bordered by both the Munich Residence and the State Chancellery, directly in the middle of the garden you’ll find the renaissance styled Diana Temple, dedicated to the Roman goddess of the same name. While in its original purpose the Diana Temple was erected to provide the royal family with a place to relax and celebrate, today you’ll often find the temple occupied by classical music performers or tango dance sessions. Sunday afternoons in Spring & Summer you’ll stand the best chance in stumbling upon such entertainment.

On your way from the Munich Residence to exploring the English Garden, your visit to Munich’s world class parks is only complete after spending some time in the gorgeous Hofgarten.


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