Fat Tire Bike Tours' origin story dates back to 1999. David Mebane found himself in Paris with a desire to explore the city by bicycle. Well before dedicated cycle paths and shared city bikes, he fell in love with two-wheeled touring. It's this love of cities and shared experiences that has propelled us for more than 21 years.

Today, we aim to bring our cities to life through our guided, English-speaking bike tours. Fat Tire has grown to include cities all across the globe as savvy travelers look for local, enriching experiences. We cater to individuals, groups, schools, and special occasion events. Our guides are knowledgable, fun-loving, safety-minded, and keen to show off their city.

Being family owned & operated, we recognize the importance of age-appropriate activities when traveling. Many of our tours are kid friendly, and we have bicycle options for every member of the family. Our guides love interacting with kids and they do an excellent job of bringing them into the story.

Like our families, our neighborhoods are extensions of us. We keep them alive by sharing the history and culture with you. We strive to reduce our impact on our environment and are always looking for green solutions. Being part of a community means the world to us, and we aim to share our local experience with you.

We are on a mission to bring the best parts of our city to life. We know that this might be a trip-of-a-lifetime for you, and we're here to make it special. And for the jet-setters who may be repeat visitors, allow us to show you a new side of a well-loved destination.

Finally, Fat Tire Bike Tours is about connections. It's linking you to Europe's history, or Asia's architecture, or South America's landscapes. It's about sharing stories and experiences in a way that enriches everyone. It's about creating authentic, lasting networks that promote compassion and understanding. Thank you for allowing us to show you the world, one bike tour at a time.