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Palau Nacional

Palau Nacional

This majestic palace sits atop Montjuïc hill overlooking Barcelona. Once the centerpiece of the 1929 International Exposition, this grand building designed by Eugenio Cendoya and Enric Catà is now home to the National Art Museum of Catalonia boasting a magnificent collection of romanesque, gothic, renaissance, and modern art. Situated in front of the palace is the Magical Fountain (Font Màgica) which creates a spectacular show of moving water, synchronized music, and lights with the potential for over 50 shade and hue combinations. It is the heart of the fireworks show, “Piromusical” during Barcelona’s biggest festival of the year, Le Mercè, although the fountain puts on a show on a regular basis. Be sure to ask your guide about the current schedule for the show as it changes seasonally but is not to be missed! 

Our Montjuïc E-Bike Tour utilises the newest and best electric bikes which eliminates the need for strenuous pedaling and gives you a comfortable uphill ride to the palace so you can focus on taking in every detail of this incredible building as well as the stunning views of the city below.

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