The Best Experience Are Local Experiences

That's why we've crafted our bike tours with expert local insights. We take you to the must-see places and bring them to life through unique and funny stories. Count on excellent photo opportunities, hidden gems, and insightful commentary. Insiders' knowledge and perspectives on culture take an ordinary tour to an experience. Safety, fun, and a genuine connection with your guide and your destination is what we're all about.

We Want You to Fall in Love with our Cities

We adore our neighborhoods, and we are always learning something new about them. Many of our guides were born and raised in these cities, while others sought out their new hometown. Each of them has a deep affinity for their destination and they strive to share this with you. Our tours hit all the hot-spots, but we expect more than a quick photo for the scrapbook. We want you to engage with our cities; tell us what you love and could do without. Teach us how things work in your part of the world. Traveling is about sharing experiences and making each other richer for it. We're here to hold you accountable to your journey.

We take pride in our neighborhoods, which is why we share the stories that have built them. We aim to inspire a hunger to learn more, engage more, and immerse yourself more in our city. We are not going through the motions. Our commitment to be your local authority is real, and we strive to live up to it with every departure.

Local versus Global

We appreciate the opportunity to show off our region to travelers from all around the world. We want to bridge the gap for you, and help you connect with our city. Our promise is this: to ensure that you are more enriched by your experience with us. That's why local partners mean the world to us.

Local suppliers are key resources for food and drink options during your experience. Whenever we can, we opt to introduce you to a neighborhood haunt. Should you decide to trust us as your local authority, we will not disappoint. We have plenty of recommendations to share so you can make the most of your stay long after your tour is over.

Green Travel

Sustainability, eco-tourism, responsible travel; what do they all actually mean? For us, it boils down to making responsible choices that help maintain our community. Traveling green is about reducing our local environmental impact. It's about ditching the big buses and getting some exercise. We want you to experience our cities in a way that enriches you and us. We've curated an mindful and fun experience with a personal touch. Let us help you avoid the crowds while immersing yourself in our culture. Traveling is about so much more than touching down in a destination. We want to share our passion for our city, and we hope that you will trust us with your time.


So why wait another minute? Choose to ride with Fat Tire and know that you are in the hands of local experts. We want to make your experience extraordinary.